Welcome to our life as globe-trotters, first in Paris, then Pasadena, Boston, London and now something of a longer trip to Cambridge! Yes, we’re headed back to the UK, but this time to make a home. So I am bringing my long neglected blog back to life. I can’t guarantee that I will move you to laughter or tears, but I hope to give you all a hint of what our days are like as we are in transit once more on our journey to Cambridge


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  1. Ginger Wallace

    So good to hear from you–thinking of you lots 🙂 Little Peter thinks that Sydney is still up in the airplane…

  2. nellie oosterhoff

    Hi Good to hear from you . Still Happy Birthday to Norah. I think she does not mind it a little late! Is this your street?

  3. Joel and Jamie Irvin

    Bonjour mes amies,

    Comment t’allez vous? We miss seeing you guys and hope that you will find fellowship with other members of the body during your stay.

    How are you guys adjusting to the language, climate, etc…? How are the children doing?

    We hope that Richard’s studies are profitable and that your stay will give you many good memories and potential foreign friendships.

    Continue to “seek the things from above”. We are keeping you in our prayers.

    Grace and peace and au revoir,
    Monsieur Joel et Madame Jamie

    • Bonjour Monsieur Joel and Madame Jamie!

      Thanks so much for the note. We are doing well, but we miss you all too. Thank you for keeping us in your prayers, especially with getting to know people from the congregation here. It’s quite a small church and although they are welcoming there doesn’t seem to be anyone else in our stage of life, or close. So we shall see.

      Anyway, I must go. It was so nice to hear from you two!
      Elora and Richard

  4. Kannara

    Bonjour a ma belle famille, je vous manque beaucoup et je vous souhait de bonnes aventures! Vos photos sont superbe et j’attends vos nouvelles chaque jour!

    Beaucoup d’amour a vous tous!


  5. Marie Belden

    Miss you.

  6. Bonjour! It’s so good to hear from you all. We love you and miss you.

  7. Rachel Legg

    We really miss you guys! I know we rarely saw each other before, but now it just feels like you are so so far away. Which you are. We hope you are having a wonderful time, enjoying your French adventure! Be sure to post lots of pictures.

    Thinking of you always!

  8. Rex and Becca

    Hey! So jealous to think of you guys eating yummy pastries and cheese in my homeland 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful stay and get to visit some of the beauties of France (outside of Paris, that is).

    Doesn’t Richard have any research that he needs to do in China? I’m sure he could find something that would be relevant 🙂

    A la prochaine,
    Becca, for all of us

  9. Maria and Stephen

    We love the picture of your girls on this blog! Please keep it up, Elora! We really love being able to keep in touch this way – maybe you’ll need to develop a blog from good, old SB as well when you arrive home.

    Until then, we are excited that you are there safe and sound and can’t wait to hear more!

    love and prayers, from our family to yours,
    Maria & Stephen

  10. Josee Prudhomme

    Well hello world travellers. I’ve been to Paris a couple of times and always loved it. I also loved exploring Frances’ nether regions, but we won’t get into that. I have an old picture of the Prudhomme family from 1951 when dad was just a wee and everyone was very much grown up. Very interesting. I will try and find a place to scan and make some copies (that’s what mine is). So much to talk about, met our brother..Your apartment looks so european love it.
    Hope I can come and visit. Love you all, happy birthday my little neices hope to see you!

  11. Hey, good to see you made it safely. Love the brelly! Enjoy your stay and hope to see you in a number of months! Make sure you post lots of pictures! Are you regretting the stroller thing or did you manage to borrow that one from your friends? Stay safe. Love, Uncle Albert and Aunt Chris and the little ‘bergs.

  12. hi elora – thanks for doing this! we’re interested and will be reading!
    God bless you all in your stay out there.
    Just think! you’ll be bilingual – love it!

  13. Lindsey Sieders

    Hello Richard and Elora and girls! Drew and I were just talking about you both the other day and realized that we desparately needed to get back in touch! And your in Paris! what an exciting adventure for you all. Enjoy!

    All the best, Linds and Drew

  14. Dad and Mom Oosterhoff (Carl and Monica)

    Hi Richard and Elora and precious little Sydney and Norah,
    Thanks so much for writing this blog. You are doing a fabulous job of it Elora. It warms my heart every time I go to it. We miss you lots too but pray for you daily and trust that the Lord will take care of you!
    We hope life can stay interesting and satisfying for you there in that beautiful part of God’s world.
    You just make me want to check out flights soon! 😉
    Hugs and lots of love,
    Dad and Mom

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