Sunday afternoon

On Sunday we were invited to have lunch with a lovely couple from church. Kathryn and Douglas and their two children live down in Trumpington, a village in biking distance from Cambridge.

Thankfully it was a perfect lovely sunny day! It could not have been a better day for a bike ride through the fens … as winter days go, that is. When your mode of transportation is a bike, you count your blessings. On the way there, we took the scenic route since we had some extra time (We wanted to give them extra time to put their little guy down for a nap before we arrived.) My phone did not do justice to the beautiful landscape that is Cambridgeshire! We saw quaint little churches, thatched roof houses, and rode down windy roads through meadowlands – the very green, mossy bumpy kind – that you really only associate with the British Isles.

We had such a lovely, lazy Sunday afternoon, eating and chatting. They have a charming little boy of 2 years and a little girl around 4 who is just smitten with Norah. So they all had a great time running around playing together.

The way home was pretty straight forward and quick. We just took Trumpington road back home, pretty much a straight shot from their house to ours.

through the fens

through the fens

Through the fens

Through the fens


lovely windy roads

lovely windy roads





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  1. Natasha

    SUCH English scenes, we have very fond memories of walking through areas like that in the Cotswold region! Enjoy 🙂

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