New Years Eve

Feuerzangenbowle -Pouring rum over the sugar

Feuerzangenbowle -Pouring rum over the sugar

New Years Eve was a busy one for us this year. Christmas was lovely and quiet and I think good for us to have some festive time with just us, but it was nice to be busy after a quiet Christmas.

One of Richard’s colleagues invited us over for a New Years party for the afternoon and we made plans to host friends from the building in the evening. We woke to a bright sunny morning with lots to do. We spent the morning running errands, cleaning house and preparing food and desserts for the parties. Richard and I made truffles and I made cream puffs (I’m in love), we packed them all up, bundled the kids and set out on our bikes for North Cambridge. Although we had not been biking that far yet with the kids, it was a great day to go for a bike ride and most of the journey was part of a regular route to Aldi. In all it took about 25 minutes to get there at Sydney’s pace, so not bad at all.

We had a lovely time. There were a few kids already there in the small apartment. So it got a little crowded when we added our three to the bunch but the kids played angelically with the others (all younger than they). They even were polite–as they ate lots of chocolate fondu. The hostess is from Champagne, France and grew up with champagne around the holidays. So the adults got to enjoy some nice champagne, which was a real treat. I don’t think I’ve ever had champagne I’ve liked until now… but then again, as with most things, if you know what to buy and spend the money on it you realise not everything is made equal. We rode back home past dark on a beautiful, cool night to settle the kids and prepare for the rest of our night. Sydney was a little tired on the way back (we put Norah on the tag-along when we go on longer trips so she keeps up just fine… usually pedalling along, hands-free, the little punk!), but it all worked out.

Our neighbours, Peter and Sabine, are German so they brought ingredients over to make a traditional German holiday drink called Feuerzangenbowle. If you are curious you can look up the process on Youtube. Essentially it is mulled wine made in a fondu-like pot and over a flame. Over the top of the wine you place a large sugar cone. You then pour extra-strong rum over the cone and light it. The rum keeps the flame going which melts the sugar into the wine. It is fun to watch and yummy… though a tad sweet. The kids were pretty tired so they didn’t make it past 10 before we put them in bed. Apparently the countdown to the New Year is not such a big thing here. It was a little disappointing to not be able to find the countdown online (we don’t have a tv or radio here)… The night went a little late, but it was a festive day and the warm sunny weather made it such pleasure to be out and about. It was good to host and be hosted, even far away from our loved ones. We miss you all.



Sabine and I watching the flames

Sabine and I watching the flames

New Years Eve Gerrods

New Years Eve Garrods

Sydney's new hair cut

Sydney’s new hair cut

getting close to midnight

getting close to midnight



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4 responses to “New Years Eve

  1. Natasha

    Happy 2015 to you! Thinking of you often, glad to hear you enjoyed your holidays. 🙂

    • Natasha

      Oh and we tried to find the New York ball dropping online and by the time we found it we had missed the countdown already! Whups.

  2. Great to read an update! Dad noticed it first and liked it too, Love seeing the pictures as well.
    Miss you all but it is a blessing for us to see you enjoying yourselves there.
    Love you all!

  3. Monica

    Hey, I realize it says reoosterhoff when it should be monica.
    Sorry, i better change that! Hope it still works next time.

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