This morning was a hectic one. The kids were fussy and sensitive…. so there was lots of crying and screaming in the house. I woke up late because Judah had been up the night before. Which meant I was not ready for the day or the kids. All I wanted was a nice, hot, quiet shower (Over the years I have learned this is a lot to ask as a mother of young children, but never-the-less this is what needed to happen for sanity). The shower had to wait until after breakfast and Richard was out the door for work. It took coming out of the bathroom a few times to get them settled, but by the time I stepped into the shower they were nicely colouring in the living room. Ah. Quiet. While I was in the shower I realized that this is what happened yesterday and no good work was done that day and so we would forgo the schoolwork and go for a walk instead. After a slow start, we left the house. It was a beautiful warm morning, and especially after a few days of cold rainy weather, we were ready for it.

There’s a mall in the centre of downtown Cambridge that I thought would be fun to check out…I later found out that the main public library is on the top floor, so we definitely need to go back and check it out. Today though, it turned out that the walk to the mall was way more interesting. Cambridge is beautiful! On one corner just as you get a frontal of Kings college there is an art installation – Corpus clock. As we stopped to take a good look a bicycle tour came and stopped in front of it and we got to hear all about it. It is plated with 28 karat gold (a million pound project). It was donated to Corpus Christi College. The girls describe it as “A giant cricket eating everyone!” At the top of a huge golden gear is a Cricket slowly “eating” time. Every so often the Crickets eye-lids close and open again. Apparently the clock is only on-time every 5 minutes. In between the cricket slows down or speeds up irregularly to signify that life is not predictable. It is quite cool, though not beautiful even though it’s covered in polished gold. But that is part of the point. Even though a dark, creepy, image it’s supposed to remind us to make the best of the time we have. We’ll have to spend more time watching it. It is quite something.

We continued on and–guess what???–bumped right into a market! It’s just a small one, but it’s a market and you all know how much I love markets! So that made my day. We’ll have to go back with Richard one of these Saturdays to buy some fresh croissants, cheese and fruit! This time though we only bought a couple of hair clips and some apples for the walk. I don’t know about yours but my children are starving 15 minutes into a walk. I don’t know how they ever make it through the day when their mother allows them to go without food in between meals and snack time. Today, at least, there was no need for them to worry about where their next snack would come from 🙂

The Market - Central Cambridge

The Market – Central Cambridge

Kings College

Kings College

Sorry, not a great photo. The glass in front does not help...

Sorry, not a great photo. The glass in front does not help…

Here you can see the cricket better

Here you can see the cricket better

The kids favourite toy at the park. I get dizzy just watching them, but it's so fun.

The kids favourite toy at the park. I get dizzy just watching them, but it’s so fun.



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