We got our Ikea stuff in today!!!
We are so excited to have beds and shelves and lamps… what else did we buy? I don’t remember, but we have stuff! When the delivery guys showed up, Richard came home to help set up (This was not a small order… did I mention that we came with nothing?). I don’t think I’ve told you yet, but Richard’s office is a 2 minute bike ride away. So fantastic. It has been particularly great on occasions such as today. I sent Richard a text when the truck arrived and by the time they started loading things into the house, he was here! Anyway, we have our bed and the girls’ bunk beds set up, some storage cube/shelf thingies for the our clothes, books, etc. I feel so much more organized and settled now that we have a place to put our stuff. Our mattresses are no longer on the floor, there’s space under the beds to put suitcases and misc things (storage space is really non-existent here), and room for out-of-season clothes, shoes, etc. You know. Our small apartment is looking a little more spacious and a little more ours. Right now, before we mess it up, or bedroom looks like a hotel. For our room we just got a basic frame and mattress, but the bedside/storage tables are pretty awesome and I love the linen duvet cover and the throw (well actually the “throw”–it’s a curtain I found at a thrift store a while back and could not leave behind…I think it was worth dragging it along. Anyway, it’s not Ikea). As for the lamps, I sent Richard across town to get the green lamps. All in all, I don’t think we did so bad. I was sceptical. Although I love Ikea, I don’t like to have an Ikea house. Now that we have the basics we can keep an eye out for things that we really like to decorate the walls. A much better place to be in than last week…don’t make me think of the week before 😉
Sydney and Norah's room

Excited to be in their new beds

Our room. Ain't it perdy?

Our room



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2 responses to “Ikea

  1. Ginger

    Yay! Furniture! So glad you are able to start feeling settled–and I know you well, Elora, you will have this place “home” in no time 🙂
    Love you! (And miss you terribly!)

  2. Neato! I had to laugh, guess what we were doing tonight, minutes before reading this post…setting up our new IKEA bunk bed, the exact same one, yup. I’ll have to tell the boys Sydney and Norah have something in common..so far away;) It’s starting to look like home,,, there’s something fun in setting up a new house isn’t there?

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