Sunday was a beautiful morning, clear and bright and cool. A perfect morning for a bike ride to church. To get there we go through public greens by our house that have cows roaming in them (more on them later – I will take some pictures of them for you!). The greens are settled around the outside of the Cam which winds through Cambridge. It is beautiful and you can rent boats and punt along the water. On the way we pass by many tourists trying to figure out how to steer them. As we bike into the city we pass many beautiful colleges, of which the most striking is Kings College, which looks like a palace. We then head north and when we see a church spire peeking out (a prominent Cambridge landmark), we know we are close. I have to remember to bring my camera with me…Cambridge Presbyterian Church meets in a beautiful old church called All Saints Church on Jesus Lane. Yes that is what I said; We worship on Jesus Lane!

All Saints Church was built in the late 19th century in the Gothic Revival style, with the Arts and Crafts movement (the use of simple forms with medieval, romantic or folk styles of decoration). The building, however, is not very simple. The Spire is about 175 feet high which made the church the tallest building in its time. It is beautifully decorated with stained glass windows, painted walls, and a lovely oak aisle screen. And the congregation of Presbyterians there on Sunday mornings is very warm and welcoming. We have enjoying being there for the past two Sundays.

Here are a couple of pictures I found online:




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