First week

Setting into our little apartment is taking some time. We are without WIFI until the end of the month (due to a backlog of line installations) and we are starting off in our empty apartment with little to nothing. But each time we find something to add to our apartment, we feel a little more at home. Making trips through Cambridge on our bikes has been fun, even if a little challenging as we navigate the busy streets on the opposite side of the road! And yes, I now have a great bike with a bike seat in the back. Norah and Judah have been taking turns on Richard’s back as we tour the city looking for things to fill our home.

I hadn’t thought about Freecycle in a long time, since in South Bend is tends to not be very useful. But the other day someone mentioned it may be worth a try. And considering that we needed EVERYTHING, I thought it would be a good idea to check it out. Well here, in Cambridge it has been a God-send. When we looked it up, I found a post for an old table and 2 chairs in Newnham. Newnham is cute Victorian suburb right beside us. It’s not very big, so we answered the post with the idea that we would carry the table back home with us. Turns out the owner of the table lives just a few blocks away so it was easy as pie and we ended up with this lovely old table here:


Hearing that we had just moved with nothing and were setting up an apartment, and we were planning on walking back home carrying the table and chairs, the lady giving the table insisted on driving it over for us…. I think the girls were a tad disappointed because they were hoping to carry the chairs home, lol. But we were thankful anyway. She brought out a few more things that she was meaning to get rid of. The box of things included a vacuum. When I saw that it was a Dyson canister I was ecstatic! Her neighbour was also clearing out some things and so we have (on top of various dishes) a beautiful coffee table, some accent bowls, and a couple of picture frames. We are now just waiting for our beds and shelves from Ikea (we had to have them delivered…so they won’t be in until next week) and so by then we will pretty much be set for the basics! Thank you to all of you in South Bend for buying our stuff so that we could have a little extra money to furnish our little flat here in cambridge. Though that is the least of the things we are thankful for about you. We love you and miss you and our hearts ache to worship with you once again. Our world is a small world though and we know we will see you again and I am glad. We send our love.








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