Day 1 in Cambridge

Wed. Oct 2, 2014

We’ve arrived! It’s a been quite a couple of days. Yesterday Mom and Dad Oosterhoff with Opa and Oma dropped us off at the airport. (Thank you to all of you again for your love and support through this time of transition.) I was a bundle of nerves, and physically sick for the last days coming up to this point, but God was gracious and made the whole trip go smoothly. No unexpected hiccups and the kids even slept for a couple of hours on the plane!

When it was time to get off, however, Judah did not want to leave the airplane! So I carried a crying squirmy baby, and Richard carried the bulk of the hand luggage, through the airport to the long customs line where Judah continued with his tantrum on the floor. Richard and I, having had little sleep at this point and realising we were going to be late for our van pick up, were near the end of our tether. Just at that moment a customer service agent (having heard Judah screaming) came to the end of the line where we were standing and said, “come along, mum, this way.” She led us all to the front of the line where we were immediately helped by the next customs agent!!! It turns out Judah’s tantrum saved us at least a half hour wait in line and put us back on schedule for out pick up at 11am!

Next we continued to the baggage pick up. There we quickly found our luggage, bikes and stroller, but we needed three carts to carry it all. Our girls stepped up to the challenge! Richard led the way with Sydney pushing a cart of luggage behind him. Then Norah, pushing Judah in the stroller (he wasn’t exactly pleased with that), and the me in the rear with the third cart. And this is how we made our way to the taxi pick up area. Richard and I would not have been able to make it without their help. Sydney even easily navigated her laden cart down steep ramps! Another reason why we are so thankful for scooters- the girls have learned so many skills with them. Particularly this time as she is a pro with using brakes – she figured out their usefulness on the cart before I did! There I was using strength to keep the cart from too quickly going down when I look over and see Sydney brace herself, apply the cart’s brakes and easily float her way down. I’m a little slow sometimes. So I followed suit…

Our driver was a nice fellow, local to Cambridge. Richard chatted with him for a little bit, but one by one we soon all fell asleep. We woke up to find ourselves turning onto our new street, passing a bike repair/rental shop, and then turning into the driveway of our apartment building. It was a beautiful sunny day and we were rested enough that we could load our stuff into the house. We then decided to go for a walk to get groceries.

Checking in

Oma and Opa

Judah climbing around in the waiting area



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2 responses to “Day 1 in Cambridge

  1. How wonderful it was to receive an update this morning. How funny about Judah as most kids don’t want to be on a plane and cry to get off. lol
    I remember when Lisey, Hal and Elora pitched in so you brought back some wonderful memories with that little story. Looking forward to getting more pics and hearing more news about your fantastic adventure.


  2. Sally Hanson

    I am so glad to hear from you, Elora! It sounds like the beginning of a great adventure! Thanks for the story of Sydney and the baggage cart. It brought a smile to my heart.

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