Back in Shape…

A couple of weeks ago I bought a voucher for unlimited classes for one month at a gym called Love London Fitness.  I figured I should wait until all of our visitors had come and gone to start my classes, so today was the day to dive in. Richard being so wonderfully supportive, is coming home early or leaving late on the days that I have committed to classes! We worked it out and I hope to go 3-4 times a week starting today!

Love London Fitness (named after the owner) is a very small, new gym that offers personal training and pay as you go classes. It started up by a couple of guys who wanted a casual place where people could come and workout with professional trainers to help you meet your goals. They have classes indoors as well as some outdoors in the nearby park. So, I will now be one of those people doing group exercises in the park! So rejuvenating!

Anyway, Richard arrived just before six to relieve me of my housewife duties to head out into the world by myself. My goodness it felt good. This evening the air was sweet and the train ride short and calming. It started to rain along the way and threatened to soak me before I even began my workout, but I had my umbrella (I am remembering my Vancouver roots again – always bring an umbrella or be willing to get wet… so I am prepared… for either, really!) and I walked happily along the two short blocks to the little gym.

My first class was Boxfit. When I got there I was greated by a lovely lady who assured me that I could take breaks as I needed during the class. Boy, am I glad that I wasn’t in a cocky mood and said something dumb like “I’m sure I’ll be just fine” Because I have never come so near to puking as I did tonight. After 20 minutes I was already taking breaks. By 7:30 it was my head swirled every time I started doing more jacks or punches and I was on my third break. By 7:35 I was starting to feel better and I got back into the game and was able to actually punch and block better without dire effects. Shortly after I started back in we (thankfully) started with abs! Now that I can handle. Apparently cardio is going to take some time, but squats and abs I could do forever… don’t quote me on that though ;0 It felt so good to do something that I knew wasn’t going to send my head spinning again. This, this was good pain! So we started with planks and then did sit ups with punches. I am so glad I stuck it out… maybe less so tomorrow, but tonight was good.  By the time the class ended 7:30(pm) the sun had come out and I walked back to the train in at peaceful and happy. Everything is beautiful when there’s only an hour of daylight left. A warm glow is all around, bits of sun hit the tops of buildings, but there are more shadows now. The hustle and bustle of the busy day is gone and you can breath long sweet breaths of air in the quiet of the evening. So peaceful.

I made it home just before eight happy to see my family and ready to do it again. Tomorrow morning I plan to head out to the Booty Bootcamp in the park! Man, I am excited. It’s so nice to just get out by myself and do something for myself!

Tonight I will sleep well, though tomorrow and Sunday I may not walk well.

Goodnight all.


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