When it rains it pours

Well, this is the beginning of a busy couple of weeks. Lots of friends and family are coming to visit us, so we have much sightseeing to do and much relaxing in good company!

Richard’s cousins, Morgan and Caleb, flew into London last Tuesday morning. They are touring around London and then heading out to Scotland. But before they moved on from London, we arranged to get together to check out the Tower of London and walk around London a bit. We have been to the Tower before as you know, but there is much more to see and it’s just plain nice to walk around. I had not met Morgan or Caleb before. They were quite young when Richard and I got married, and only his older cousins made it out to our wedding. We have been hoping to make a trip out to visit his family in Alberta so that I can meet finally meet the bulk of Richard’s family, but every year just keeps getting harder to make it out. One of these days we will just do it! Anyway, it is always nice to meet more of Richard’s family. They are both very nice fellows and we enjoyed spending time with them very much.

Right now. Steve F. is in the UK for a conference in Cambridge, but decided to stay a couple of extra days on either side to visit and see a bit of London. Tomorrow a new flood of people will be coming through. David, Sylas, Caden and Lydia (friends from church) will be arriving tomorrow to stay for a couple of days. At the same time some more of Richard’s family will be flying in: his parents, two brothers, and an aunt and uncle! I will try to keep you all posted on what’s going on, but may not have too much time!


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