Lunch at Hyde Park

[From two Saturdays ago] A friend from Paris, contacted us saying that she would be in London visiting friends and would love to meet up. You may recall that we met her in Paris a while back. She and another friend (both from Richard’s French class at the Sorbonne) came to visit for dinner at our place in the 12th arrondissement, now almost 2 years ago. Today we set out to meet her for a picnic lunch at Hyde Park! It is a beautiful sunny, warm day today and the park is so lovely to walk through. We found a nice spot on the grass, set up our blanket and played while we waited for Jia. Shortly after we sat down Jia sent us a message saying that she was going to be late to meet us, so we decided to pick up our stuff and check out the park while we waited (cell phones are a great invention). Half an hour was enough time to get a good look around and realize that we need to spend more time here. We saw signs pointing to playgrounds and fountains, gardens, entertainment spots, etc. Not to mention Kensington Palace Gardens which are essentially one with Hyde Park. It used to be one property, but was divided in the 18th century for Queen Caroline. (When I found that out, I decided I should look up Queen Caroline. She turns out to be an interesting woman who was quite intelligent (the most intelligent consort in British history, say the sources!) and adored by those around her, especially her husband who refused to marry after her death.

Anyway, when Jia finally showed up we had a great time chatting and catching up. Jia is now working full time in Paris at the job she was interning for while taking the French class with Richard. Hearing her talk of Paris made me miss being there. Richard and I look forward to going back just the two of us. Especially now that we know the city, we can enjoy it all the more. Apparently there’s a great (and cheap) little hostel by Sacre Coeur that’s clean and has an excellent view of the Basilica itself. Friends of ours stayed there a while back. It’s definitely on our list. There’s also a super fun area in the 4th arrondisement (the Latin Quarter) that would be just awesome… I could go on. Maybe planing would be more difficult than I thought, I would want to stay everywhere! … well know where was I? …. now I should get back onto the topic of lunch, but I suppose we’re now at the end of the day. Jia had to catch a train to make it for dinner outside of London. So we walked together out of the park and split ways. It was great to see you Jia!

I hope the weather gets better so we can enjoy more days like this one. We had some fantastic weather for a while, but it’s come and gone back to grey rainy days since then. I suppose that’s London for you.


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  1. Thinking of you all–had a lovely rainy day on Saturday eve, and Sunday morning–we were in Desperate need of rain! It is sunny now, not so hot–but our normal humid IN summer 🙂 So, this morning Lena and Olivia were trying to plan Lena’s birthday(tomorrow)and it turns out that Lena wants t try some sushi! Of course this happens when you are not in town…what do I do? Where do I go? She wants the kind without the raw meat btw… Missing you dreadfully! Keep the updates coming 🙂

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