London City (Free) Presbyterian Church

A while back, Richard’s dad emailed us with a suggestion to check out the Free Church here in London. We have attended there for three weeks now and really like it. It’s a small church, meeting in a large and old, but very beautiful building. It’s filled with lovely murals, high ornate ceilings and stained glass windows. The people are welcoming and there are other children for the girls to play with. And children are welcome in the service! I think that although we want to experience some different churches in the area (for example we are looking forward to sitting in a service at St Paul’s!) this will be our home church while in London… even if they practice exclusive Psalmody. It’s probably good for us anyway 😉

St. Helen’s was nice, the people we talked to were kind and excited to see us there, but we didn’t really feel welcome. Mostly because kids are not welcome in the service. All the kids head off to Sunday school (which is very strongly recommended!) and are not really welcome back until they are 10 years old. So weird. But I suppose we are the weird ones to expect that our children be a part of the congregation and learn along side everyone else. Anyway, they will make exceptions if you insist and if your children stay very quiet, but when I feel watched it’s distracting and makes me anxious about every little sound the girls make, which does not make it enjoyable for anyone. In the end, we would have continued to attend there anyway, had we not found this little Free Church. Maybe too, our time at Michiana has made us realize that we like small congregations. Yes, there are more things going on in a large church, especially for your particular age group, but I think there is a greater sense of family in a small church, because well… you know everyone. Just in case you don’t know, we think of all of you, our dear friends, and we miss you.

After the service we chatted with a few people there. We spoke to a lady, who believe it or not, is from Campden, Ontario (Vineland is right there). You know, the tiny little town Richard grew up in! She and her family moved from the area a long time ago, but still it was neat meeting someone so far away from home, from home! It always amazes me how small the world is. So far, no matter where we go, we meet someone we know, or someone who knows someone we know. Anyway, we also met a church planter from Sioux City, IA. Who was just passing through with his Father while on a tour of Europe. He knows many of the people in our circles. Funny. Anyway, there were many wonderful people who came to talk to us.  The church is also very easy to get to. And very close to St Paul’s Cathedral and the Museum of London, so there are lots of places to walk around and see once we are downtown too.

Richard and I were very tired this weekend (must be fighting something) so after church we walked over to St. Paul’s Cathedral, had some lunch on the grass, admired the building a bit and decided to hop back on the bus for home. Turns out the girls were tired too. Norah fell asleep looking out the window on our way home. Sydney very nearly did too. We ate a simple dinner and watched Charlotte’s Web together before bed. (The girls and I have been reading Charlotte’s Web together during the week, so I thought they might enjoy the treat….they did). But now I can’t seem to get the “I can talk” song out of my head…. time to put some music on I think.

Love to you all, Elora


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