Andrew and the Natural History Museum

This afternoon Andrew flew in to visit for the Diamond Jubilee weekend. He didn’t come for the Jubilee weekend on purpose but never the less he is here.

For our first tour we decided to hit the Natural History Museum. Man, it is a great museum. I have to say, just because London’s museums are free does not mean that they don’t take care of them.  They are nicer than a lot of museums that you have to pay for! And they are kid friendly too. Even from the outside the building is spectacular. The Natural History Museum It looks like a Castle. We spent a couple of hours wandering around and still only ended up seeing less than half of it. We will definitely go again.

Today we took a tour through the Dinosaur exhibit and the part of the Mammal exhibit. Both were really interesting. The dinosaur exhibit had a mechanical T-Rex that just mesmorized Norah and scared little boys as they walked past. One little boy walked as far around the T-Rex as possible while his father was trying to convince him that it wasn’t real. The little boy ended up hiding behind me as he watching father pooh pooh the simulation as best he could. The little boy was very wary and only half believed his father. Too cute. His mother ended up coming to get him from behind me.

I think Sydney’s favourite part was the room with the life-sized blue whale! Did you know that blue whales weigh about 100,000 kg? Orca (killer) whales are only the size of half the blue whale’s tail fin. I remember reading about whales in elemetary school. I remember a lot of these same facts, but until you see it, it’s hard to imagine. Can you imagine an animal that large on land? Just amazing.

Under and around the life-sized blue whale are all kinds of other mammal. A really presentation, because you can see all the animals in proportion to the others, giving you a real sense of what the animals are like. This is especially good for Sydney and Norah who have only really seen them in books. There were even stations where you could listen to the sound that the animal makes through little phones. Thank goodness they had an elephant sound station because I cannot for the life of me make that sound. Sydney is constantly asking me “What do elephants sound like mommy?”. And my response: “Well…. (attempt at mimicking elephant trumpeting sound = confused daughter)….. ask your dad when he gets home”

After that we made our way out. Andrew was meeting an old college friend for dinner. So we picked up some Chinese food on the way home and had a quite evening. We have been watching Simon Shama’s series History of Britain. I would definitely recommend it. He has an eye for the telling detail, and a plush vocabulary.


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