Golden Rules

At the dinner table. Richard is trying to talk to the girls about how we are to love others more than ourselves.
Richard: “Sydney, say there is only one cookie and you both want it, who should get the cookie?
Sydney: “We cut it in half – motions with her hands how to cut it – and we both get some!”
Richard: “Uh…ok. There is only one candy that cannot be cut in half. Who gets the candy?”
Sydney: “Meeee! Norah gets the cookie!”
“No. Ok there’s no cookie. There is only one candy. Who should get the candy?”
“Well, that’s not what Jesus is saying. He is saying that we need to think about others first”
Sydney: “Oh. Right”
“Ok, Norah, why do you need to share?”
Norah: “Beetud [because] I haff to.”
“Well that’s one reason….”

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