worm hole

Yesterday at snack time Sydney grabbed an apple and bit right into it … and then realized she’d bit into a worm hole. Completely disgusted, she yelled “Mom, a worm! A worm!”and showed me the apple. (The picture above is of her fussing about it on the couch.) So I took the apple from her and went to cut it up and throw away the piece with the worm in it. On my way (and apparently this was the wrong thing to do) I started singing the first song that came to my head. Can you take a guess? Well it has to do with an old lady. “There was a little girl who swallowed a worm”–she didn’t even get near the worm–“… that wriggled and wiggled and tickled inside her.” I was trying to make light of a situation that was slowly escalating. I reassured her that she didn’t actually eat it and that mommy has accidentally eaten bugs before. I told her that the French eat snails and some people eat ants and grasshoppers. This confused her a little, but there was nothing I could do. Her mind was already turning and her imagination going wild. The next thing I knew she was freaking out on the couch, going hysterical because she thought she felt a bug crawling up her back! What drama.

I suppose fear of creepy crawlies is natural because I have tried to teach my girls not to be scared of spiders and bugs. They have no idea that I hate the things and am scared of them myself. I just never let them see that and take care of whatever insect is offending them calmly. Oh well.


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  1. Micah

    Oh my, sounds so very much like Mercedes…

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