Chestnuts Park

The surprise package in the mail: Scooters! Yay. It was so much fun for Sydney scooting around Paris (and so convenient for that she had one) that we thought it would be a good idea for the girls to have them here too. It lets us to a lot more walking.

What better way to test out the new scooters than to check out a new park. Chestnuts Park is about a 15 minute walk (… well a 15 minute walk with kids. Maybe 10 minutes without them :)) It was suggested to us by the landlady, who has a daughter Norah’s age. Norah did a great job riding her scooter. She stayed beside me the whole time, waiting for me when I needed to get something from the stroller and yelling at Sydney when she went too far ahead. Bossy little thing, but so cute. Sydney is a pro on the scooter! She is fast and confident. She loves it, and loves that I trust her on it. I think the scooter is good for her and me. I am less anxious with her going ahead of me on her scooter than I am with her running. She likes the freedom and so do I.

What a great park! There are lots of fun and different things to play on, including a zip line (I loved those as a kid), a little climbing wall, and this contraption that was somewhere between a swing and a teeter-totter (or see-saw)! All of it is fenced in so you don’t have to worry about kids escaping (not easily anyway) they can just run around, jetting to as many stations as they like. There were lots of other families there too. The only problem is that the community center does not have public washrooms!!! This is a kids park, with a community center–and I can’t take my kids in to pee? Sometimes I wonder about Europe! I am fussing about this because as soon as we approached the park, Norah starts to pinch and bend over and says “Mommy I haff to pee” (Yes, thanks for telling me as you are peeing). Anyway, we found a spot in a corner where there were bushes and tall grass. Oh joy!

We had a wonderful time and will be making this a regular event. There are, however, more parks that we are supposed to check out. One apparently has a pond that we’d like to check out.

Ta ta for now.


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  1. Natasha

    Cute as buttons! Love the girls’ scarves. 🙂
    Hope you have a nice weekend.. are they celebrating Victoria Day there? I’d imagine they would seeing as Victoria was their Queen too!

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