Thursday afternoon fun.

Today started off cloudy and rainy…again. But by the afternoon the sun came out! We were planning on staying in today because we are waiting for a surprise (for the girls) in the mail, but I could not keep the girls locked up when we haven’t had a sunny day here yet. So I packed Judah into the Ergo and we walked over to the park to play. We found the little park a few days ago while walking around (I posted pictures earlier). Probably around a 5-10 minute walk away. There are lots of dead ends around here so we had to do some weaving around to get back. Yesterday though, when I was out running I found a short-cut. Hidden at the end of our street behind our row of buildings is a small concrete walkway. Trees hang over top of the passageway which give it a little bit of a secret garden feel (…. Though I’m sure that didn’t have a slight smell of cat pee). When you emerge you can see the park. It turns out it’s really only two blocks away!

I think we made it back before the package came since there’s no delivery notice…but we are still waiting. Now I am making dinner. I found a recipe that looked really good online. It’s a butternut squash and quinoa soup. I could not find quinoa anywhere, so it’s now a butternut squash and couscous soup. I think it’s still really good. Here are some pics! Oh and some more of burgers we had last night!

Did I mention there was a family of foxes in our back yard? The girls are watching them from our bedroom window right now. Actually, as I write this they are yelling “come back, foxes, we won’t scare you this time!”. Lol. Silly girls.

Hope you all have a great dinner awaiting you too.



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2 responses to “Thursday afternoon fun.

  1. The Sun thing sounds good! We are enjoying a bit of sun as well–we planted potatoes, romaine and green beans yesterday. More sun today! 🙂 Lena had her Band Concert last night, it was good to see the huge improvement that she has had since her first concert in Dec. So now we are done with Band, now just two more weeks of Academy and swim team will start the next week! What is your snail mail address? I need to send some pictures 🙂

  2. Sam

    That, uh, sounds…appetizing?? Nevermind! -_-

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