Saturday May 5th

Seven Sister’s Market is about a quarter mile away from where we are staying. There are no signs, arrows, anything to indicate where the market is. There are only two doors with “Entrance” printed on them in the middle of a row of restaurants and shops. If we hadn’t looked online, we would have missed it completely. But to be honest, if we had never found it we would not have been worse off. It was sad. You enter and feel like you are in an small old indoor strip mall. Except this one (in a space of just a couple thousand square feet) has about 5 hair salons, something like a dollar plus store, some jewelry stores and an electronics place. A lot of the stores were closed. Yesterday on Richard’s way home he stopped in to take a peek and found a much more lively place than we did this morning. Maybe it’s mostly a night market. Either way, it’s not my sort of market. I didn’t see a single fresh thing there. Bummer! I suppose I will have to stick to the Tesco for my groceries. After walking through the market (which took all of about 3 minutes) we wondered around and found a park. The girls were so excited. We played around for a while and then went home for a nap…for me. I was exhausted, lol) Poor little Norah was freezing, but she did not want to leave! I was a tad disappointed that the market was a bust, so we decided on our way home to check out downtown since we had the whole afternoon left. Of course being a Saturday it was bustling! So much fun. It’s good to be back in a big city again. Downtown London is so diverse. My favourite part of walking around were the little hole in the wall restaurants where you can pick up all sorts of asian food just like you would pick up a hotdog on the streets of Chicago, Toronto, etc. Of course we stopped in for Indian food! How could I possible resist the smell of all those curried dishes wafting into the streets? How could any one really? Well Sydney can. I will teach her to love spice yet! I wish I had taken a picture but forgot. Richard ordered a beef dish and I a shrimp noodle soup. Man they were good! Since the girls don’t like Indian food and we had to wake Norah to eat (never a pleasant thing to wake Norah … unless you have something good to offer her) we bought them a banana chocolate pancake crèpe thingy that an adjacent booth was selling. Needless to say the girls had no complaints and Richard and I enjoyed our food in peace. After that we made our way back home, onto the Tube and back to North London, where we are staying. It was a good day after all and we all felt just a little better about being here.


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