Off to the … Old World

Well we made it to London … I think in one piece. Our trip went very smoothly, no hitches, bumps or bruises. At no point did we have to rush to make a connection or even wait long for our luggage. However we were a little worse for wear. We flew from Chicago to Dublin and then from Dublin to London and then hopped into a cab arriving at our new home for the summer around 1:30pm the next day. In that time Richard and I got a whopping total of about 30 minutes sleep. The kids didn’t get much more either unfortunately. Judah feel asleep as soon as we got into the air on our first flight. We thought maybe, just maybe, he would sleep through the flight, but no, he woke after two hours (of course just as the rest of us were settling down to sleep ourselves) and would not go back to sleep until the end of our next flight and only then for about 20 minutes. So I pretty much nursed, rocked, shushed, bounced, and walked up and down the plane again and again in and out of the whole flight. I realized after the first hour that I would get no sleep, told myself ” suck it up ” and continued on as any mother knows how to do. New parents beware. If you still think that you get a say in whether you should have sleep or not you’re already lost. Giving yourself a pep talk helps. Mine goes something like I mentioned earlier “Suck it up princess! You might as well get over it now, cause whining aint going to help” (I have to be hard on myself. I’m the only one that’s allowed ;)) Norah fell asleep after a while but was very fitful and every time she awoke (which was frequent) she screamed madly and was terrible to console. Poor Richard got no sleep on duty with that one. Well we were at least in the trenches together. The only one of us that got any sleep was our little Sydney who made herself comfortable at our feet with a few extra pillows from the stewardess. Oh well. We are catching up now and starting to settle in and venture out into our area of London.

Our apartment is more spacious than we expected, though oddly planned. There is a long hallway that extends the length of the apartment with the master bedroom at one end and a small kids bedroom at the other with all the other rooms branching off to the right of it. Total there are two bedrooms, an office with a pull-out couch, a living/dining room, a kitchen and a bathroom.
Enough space for us. Though we do have to get used to living in an apartment again, especially now that we have kids and have to worry about noise. These walls are particularly thin too. We have to be much more quiet than ever before, though it is nice that they have children as well. We can hear our neighbour’s daughter running through the halls quite well on one side and there is a baby in the apartment on the other side. It’s not that bad and doesn’t bother us at all, but for those that know our girls…you know they are not the quiet sort, so it’s difficult for them. They are making a brilliant effort though and pay attention to my reminders.

Alas London is no Paris. The apartment lined streets are not the big beautiful old buildings that you see everywhere in Paris, they are… just old buildings. In our area the apartments have odd little porches, really they just encase the front door with enough space to hold a trash bin and a little garden plot. Many are just concrete though and seem like a waste of space and aesthetics. The streets are not cleaned every week (not that most cities make that a priority) but it really is noticeable, and there’s lots of traffic. But we will find the beauty and allure of London yet! Maybe it’s at the museums, or standing under Big Ben? Maybe downtown London? Maybe the shops, the people, the churches? I am excited to find out. I will remember to tell you too!
So far we have only been to  the Tesco (a very large chain supermarket) and of course Richard has gone to downtown London to the Warburg Institute.  Tomorrow we plan to head out to the local market which happens to be indoors. One less thing to worry about when it’s raining … which happens a lot around here.
Ok, here’s an event I thought was very funny. I went to check the weather for the week online. This is what one site told me: today “low level clouds”,  Sat.: mid level clouds, Sun.: mid level clouds. What? So, like the arctic where the natives have tens of words for snow, Londoners rate the level of cloud looming over the city?
Here are some pictures. Write you later,


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2 responses to “Off to the … Old World

  1. Ginger

    Hey Friend! So good to hear your voice 🙂 Hear we go again, huh? Well, good job trouper momma–and Daddy! You made it 🙂 Geneva asked me on Wednesday, “Norah coming?” I said that she was in London, so she said “Aunt Eyorah”? We miss you already, (you can stop tearing up now…), but we know that you are going to make the most of your awesome trip and we know that you will bless those around you. Its is nice that the people across the wall have kids–now Sydney and Norah can show them how it’s done 🙂 Well, good day, lots of organizing,(garage, my room-ish)and a little schoolwork, Geneva is still pottying like a big girl, Peter(II) still forgets to put unders on, Henry finally got his much needed bath and a small trim, Peter(Dr)is off to Presbytery overnight, William worked hard with me out in the garage and we succeeded in accidentally killing the ping pong table(which may require a bribe for the trash guy–6pk?) While Robert and Lena worked hard (well, worked…) on homework all day. It was a good day and we are all in need of a shower–except Henry,,,

  2. Ginger

    Then the most fun part of the day: Momma makes a grammar mistake, kids point and laugh…. Sometimes the blessings just flow and flow…(they are at it RIGHT NOW) And they think that I do it on purpose just to make them laugh–which I do.

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