February has come and gone

We have enjoyed February here, making many trips to the Huntington and to parks around Pasadena. Victory Park is quite large and for that reason has been the kids favourite play ground. There are many slides, jungle gyms, and a huge field to run around in…or chase down other kids who have brought balls to play with (I usually forget ours!). Most of the park was built for kids ages 5 and up, but I think that’s why the girls like it so much. It’s fun! Norah decided that she was as big as the other kids and that she could climb up to the big slides. Scary for mommy… but she is adventurous and (unfortunately) capable. Wouldn’t it be easier if our children were incapable? I suppose less fun though.

On Sunday evening we took the girls to a new park. We found Lacy Park on google maps (it’s located on the South side of the Huntington Library) and took off. It’s a great park. There is a nice play ground, a great biking/ running path that winds throughout and a rose garden (though it’s the off season so the roses were not in bloom). We remembered the soccer ball this time so we dribbled the ball to the field and kicked it around for a while; the girls had a lot of fun running around wild screaming after the ball. Most of the time Norah would stop mid sprint and yell “DOH[g]”! because yet another dog was in sight. Dogs are very important and every single one of them needs recognition.

After a while the girls noticed the playground and so started in its direction. The girls favourite were the swings. We spent most of the time pushing them. First I put Norah in the little kids swing. After a couple of pushes she started to fuss and yell “Owie”. So I stopped and asked her where her owie was. She couldn’t think of a good answer (since she really just wanted to get out), so I pulled her out and asked her if she wanted to go on the big swings instead. And her reply: “Oh-tay.” She says that a lot now. It’s really quite cute. Usually it goes something like: “Norah come to mom, it’s time to get dressed” (Norah hesitates or runs away); “Norah, mom said come”; Norah: “Ohhh-tay” and comes (making it clear that she has made a concession). The little bum has quite a mind of her own.  Anyway, she just loved gently swinging back and forth, by herself, on the big swing.


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