Valentines for Richard

This afternoon Sydney and I decided we should bake some cookies for Daddy. I know it’s not quite Valentines Day, but it’s close. I found a recipe for Chocolate brownie cookies and thought that would work perfectly. Our man likes chocolate too 🙂 One of these days Norah will bake with us as well, but for now, it’s so much easier while she is napping. Plus Sydney and Mommy time is important.

Sydney was a great help. She didn’t lick all the butter, she asked for (most) of the chocolate she ate and she whipped the eggs and sugar for me! I set up the the mixer on the table. We cracked the eggs together and measured the sugar. Sydney picked up the mixer and started looking at it. I saw an opportunity and grabbed the camera because she looked so cute. I asked her to pretend to whip the eggs. Little did I know she had little intention of pretending to whip the eggs. As I brought the camera up for a second photo the beater went down and her finger flipped the switch. I snapped a shot. After the initial “nnnnooooo” that went through my head I realized that she was doing a great job. She kept the mixer in the eggs the whole time – no messes- and held the mixer steadily. She even kept control while looking up to smile and say “cheese”. She was so proud of herself, and so was I, for that matter. My little girl is becoming a confident capable person. Wow. And then, she was a little girl again with a gleam in her eye and single minded focus as she noticed the empty bowl that once contained the melted chocolate, asked to lick it and without waiting for response went to town! Chocolate on her shirt, in her hair, all over her face and some even in her mouth. I think we can all turn into little kids again, if only for a while, if we allow ourselves be swept away by the seductive scrapings of baking leftovers and let all the memories of previous indulgences flood back, even those as far removed as a child in our own mothers kitchen.

Here are some pictures of us girls having fun baking together.


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  1. Maria

    Your blog entries are so wonderful to read! I love the pictures of your beautiful little daugher #1! Thank you for sharing this Valentine’s adenture! love to you all! (and I just got your phone message and will try to call later; Stephen and I are just chatting for a bit first on our Friday night at-home date 🙂

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