Sydney’s first bike

This morning we took off early for a pre-school rummage sale nearby in La Canada, CA- a suburb of LA. Can you believe it? 5 miles down the highway are three exits for a place called La Canada! I didn’t hear anyone say “eh” but they were all very nice there 😉

I managed to find a few summer things for the girls, including a couple of super cute dresses. But the most important find was a little Thomas the Tank Engine bike. We had found it as soon as we got there and Sydney rode around on it the whole time I was “rummaging”. I didnt’ realize that the bike was such a commodity. While we were walking around I was asked by someone  if we were going to buy it. Some other guy even bought it from right underneath Sydney! After we had been there for about 20 minutes a lady that was helping with the sale came up to me and said that a man just bought the bike and is leaving. I was in shock for a moment, but I managed to say “pardon me” instead of what I wanted to say (“WHAT?!”). Then I explained that we’d had it for quite a while, the lady was shocked too. She hadn’t realized that Sydney had it and had not left it the whole time. None of the ladies were happy that he was trying to take the bike out from under a little girl who was obviously in love with it. So the lady whispered to me that I should go talk to the guy. So I did and with all the ladies there staring at him, the guy was decent enough to give in when I asked him if we could buy it instead (he had a huge pile of stuff that he had bought, so I guess the one extra thing wasn’t such a big deal when faced with an obstacle). The ladies happily gave him his money back and took mine instead.

Anyway, it is a boy bike, but since when do I really care about those sorts of things 🙂 Besides, Sydney just loves Thomas and loves her bike.

As soon as we got home Sydney was asking to go ride it. So, I put Norah in the stroller and we went for a walk. She is just getting the hang of it. She has never really ridden a bike for long before and has never had to use the breaks. But she gets so focused, just like her father…and mother when there’s a challenge. It was mostly up hill for the walk, but she didn’t want to be pushed! She did a great job. All we need now is a little helmet.

Here is the proud little girl and her new $10 bike.



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2 responses to “Sydney’s first bike

  1. Felicia

    Hey there Oosterhoff’s!
    We are enjoying reading your blog agian.
    So nice for you and Sydney that she got a bike. Seth got one beginning of last summer and he goes all over town with me. It’s so good for them!
    Andy is quite loving the pictures of warm weather since here it is very cold.
    I’m glad you are enjoying yourselves.


  2. Natasha

    Hey Elora
    I was just wandering around on Facebook and decided to write on your wall and ask for pictures of CA and noticed that your blog has continued! So I just spent a while checking out all the pictures and reading the entries. Looks like a great trip so far! Loved the Grand Canyon pictures.
    When are you headed back to Indiana?
    Take care!

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