I am going to take the girls for a walk to the park and grocery store this morning. Now that I have some charged batteries in my camera I am going to take some pictures of the lemon and orange trees along the way. I just can’t believe that they are full of fruit in January! I love that. My perfect house would have a bright little breakfast nook where the sun peeks through early morning (much like the one I’m sitting in) and a lemon/orange or pomagranite tree in the yard. They are so beautiful: the glossy green leaves and bright hanging fruit. You just don’t get that in colder areas…including Vancouver – not quite tropical enough. Anyway, I’m sure I will miss the crisp mornings a little (not the ridiculously cold ones of course) and having 80 degree weather at Christmas might bother me a little, but for now, I am very happy to have warm sunny weather in a beautiful little area in Pasadena.


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