Our trip to Pasadena

Hello all,

Well we made it back from Paris safe and sound. We spent time with friends and went to Ontario for Christmas. It was great to be home again, if only for a little while.

We took off on Wednesday morning, Jan 12 in our new van. Yes, we have joined the club! We really like it. It’s a much better ride than our little cavalier was and the girls love the extra space and the high seats. We took five days to get here spending time along the way in Memphis (Thank you to Mrs. Maugans, Amy’s mom, for letting us stay the night!),  Oklahoma city, Albuquerque, and then up into Arizona to visit the Grand Canyon! It was magnificent. Sydney was pretty scared though and wouldn’t go near the bars to see over. So she opted to push the stroller around instead. We spent about an hour there, not enough to do it justice, but we had two little girls who were so happy to be out of the car… and then not so happy to be cooped up in a stroller and backpack… Our next stop was about an hour away near Prescott, AZ. We stayed the night with some lovely people, friends of the Wallace’s, the Perkinses on Saturday night and then we went to church with them Sunday morning. It was such a great little church. The people were very welcoming, so we decided to stay for lunch. Every Sunday they all have lunch together after the service. We were very glad to have been able to be there. Thank you to everyone at the Prescott OPC!

Sunday afternoon after lunch we took off for the last leg of our journey. It took us just about 7 hours, and so arrived at our new home at 7:30pm. Unpacked a little, put the kids to bed and relaxed. Richard and I enjoyed a glass of wine and some cheese together before falling fast asleep with the knowledge that we didn’t have to get up and leave the next morning. I think we all were ready to stop moving.

This morning is bright and sunny. Richard and I are sitting in a little breakfast nook with the sun pouring in while the girls are playing happily in the living room. As soon as I am finished this post we are going to go walk around to check out the neighbourhood. I am really excited about that! It is supposed to get up to 81 degrees out there today! What a fantastic winter this is shaping up to be. Apparently it was abnormally cold for the last two weeks here and then this week is abnormally warm! Usually the temperature stays between 60 and 70 for this time of year.

Here are some pictures of our journey and our new


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