Thanksgiving – le 20 novembre

Tonight we celebrated Canadian and American Thanksgiving with Dixie and Chris. Because the 25th is looking to be busy, we decided that it would work best to have dinner tonight instead and honor both celebrations by having it earlier.

In the end we had a great night. The food was so good…. mmmm I am so full, my pants barely fit! And if there was more in front of me now, I would eat it!

The girls tore through their apartment, as crazy little monsters do. Wreaking havoc on our poor hosts, they jumped, dove, wriggled and giggled, roared, screamed, batted their eyelashes and ran away, up and down and all around; it was only when the dessert came out that time stood still. When it was gobbled up and their dessert was finished, thing one and thing two took off once more down the hall and through the house in the curtains and under the chairs. “Peek a boo” they cry, with a smile and a laugh. But like good little monsters at the end of the night they put on their shoes and coats without a fuss, kissed their hosts goodbye and with a hand in ours walked out into the night and back home to bed.

Thanks Dixie and Chris for a great night!


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