November 10th…or so

Sorry that I haven’t been writing very frequently lately. Most of what I do in Paris these days has become pretty normal and you have all heard about it already. Though, now that we are nearing the end of our stay here, I figure that I should finish my blog with a couple more posts. Besides, we have already had a couple of visitors since last I wrote!

Last week Sol and Mira came to visit for a couple of days. They stayed in a cute little hotel only a ten minute walk away, or one stop on the metro at Bercy! The first night we managed to con our friends Chris and Dixie into babysitting for us while we went out for dinner! Unfortunately Dixie caught a terrible cold that she didn’t get over in time, so Chris manned the fort alone while we were away. He did a fantastic job with the girls and they were both nicely in bed when we got home! Thank you Chris!

We decided to go for dinner in the Bastille circle. We had a great time walking around the lovely lighted streets, down and around to the Place de Vogues and then back up to Bastille to sit down for a nice relaxing dinner. When it was past our bedtimes we took the metro back to Bercy where Sol and Mira got off and we continued on alone back home. It was nice walking through the streets, even just for a little bit, just the two of us. We have to do more of that when we get back home!

The next day Sol and Mira did a little touring around Paris on their own. The the weather wasn’t very forgiving, but they managed to see much of Paris and even took a boat tour along the Seine. On Friday they met up with me for a tour of our market, which turned out to be quite successful as they each managed to find something they liked along the way…. Mira some jewelry and scarves (one must buy a scarf in Paris!) and Sol, I believe, came away with some dvd’s.

Unfortunately the whole time they were here we had terrible weather, but they managed and all in all I think they enjoyed their trip to the city of lights. We at least were happy they came to visit.


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