Le 16 Novembre

Then our good friends the Wallaces came! Peter and Ginger and their youngest daughter Geneva are on a multi-country trip right now. Their first stop was to China where they visited some friends for a couple of weeks, then they stayed here for a night during their long stopover to Scotland and will be back here again at the beginning of next week for a couple more days before heading back home to the USA. Phew. And I thought we were busy!

During their stopover, we managed to do quite a few things actually…. though sleeping was not one of them. Geneva was jet-lagged and kept us all up during the second half of the night. We were just thankful that our kids weren’t keeping them up! Anyway we had a friend from church (that Peter had been in contact with before) come over for dinner. So Richard and I made Indian food together and we sat around chatting and eating until late. It was a lot of fun. The next day we took a walk through this side of Paris. We took a similar route as with Richard’s parents when they were here, stopping to have lunch at a cute little restaurant with a friendly, yet still rude, Parisian waiter. Gotta love how they can be both! We arrived back home just in time for them to have a sandwich and a coffee before they took off for the airport.

We are looking forward to having them back here on Monday. Ginger and I will probably have to go shopping at the market on Tuesday too. One does what one must.


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