Our trip to Selestat – le 20 octobre

This morning we awoke a little earlier than we would have liked… unfortunately when you have infants, you must wake when they do… yay. Since I just loved the Stasbourg Trams (such a great idea and apparently environmentally friendly) we decided to take it to the train station. They look way cooler than the metro’s in other cities and are much cleaner!

Even so, we missed our first train to Selestat, and unfortunately because of the strike (… yes another one! This time the French are upset because the government is changing the retirement age from 55 years to 62, I believe. It’s quite a jump, but really, who retires at 55 anyway!) the next train didn’t leave for another hour and a half. So, we decided that since we hadn’t had our morning coffee yet (horror of horrors!) that we would go find a café while we waited. Taking a sip of that hot creamy coffee, I realized how addicted I am. I instantly felt better. Oh well… we must all have our vices and I am willing to let coffee be mine!

The train to Selestat only took 20 minutes, so it was perfect. The girls had a chance to have a little snack, play on the seats a little and look out the window — trains are so exciting– but no chance to really get fussy. This time, when the conductor announced that we were arriving in Selestat, we hopped up, got everything ready and were out of there in no time flat. I think we are now pros 🙂

Besides a short, yet heavy rain shower, our walk from the train station was good. Our new apartment is only about 5-10 minutes away from the station and in a very cute location. When we arrived, we only had to wait a minute or two for the owner to come and let us in. And we were pleasantly surprised when we entered; the apartment is better than we expected! We are so happy with this place. We have about 2.5 times the space than back in Paris, a jacuzzi tub, a great kitchen and living area, etc. We are wishing that we could stay here for the rest of our stay in France…

As soon as we settled in a little we set out to see a little of Salestat and find a grocery store before Richard had to head off to the library. As we walked our eyes feasted on this beautiful, picturesque little town. Selestat is filled with amazing old French/German (remember we are very close to the German border) style houses and shops that line small winding cobblestone streets. I will not be upset if we have to come back here for a work trip again! If you are ever looking for a great vacation spot in the East of France, come here! I think I have fallen in love with this little town and we haven’t even been very far into the city centre (we are just outside of it) yet. Tomorrow the girls and I are on our own, so we will enjoy exploring more of Selestat.


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