Vendredi le 15 octobre

Today we met up with Elizabeth for a stroll through our market. Apparently ours is one of the largest in Paris, as most people say it’s huge. It is pretty big… I love it! So much to see….though too much temptation to buy. Every up has it’s down they say 😉

Anyway, we had a great time walking through the busy market. I bought green beans and apples. I have a great green bean recipe that I stole from my friend Marie that I use all the time…. mmmmm so good. They are for dinner tomorrow night. Tonight is sushi night because I have avocados that need to be eaten and I love avacado sushi! She bought some dried fruit and nuts and some weird looking fried donut-like stick thingys dipped in sugar which we all shared – it was better than I thought it would be! By the time we got through the whole market it was lunch time (and nap time for Sophie her 5 month old daughter), so we walked back to our place to finish off some kidney bean dhal that I had made. We had such a good time we are going to make a habit of meeting at least once a week to take a tour of the market and have lunch together (switching off between the one near her place and mine). It’s really nice to finally have a friend to do this with!


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