Dimanche le 10 octobre

Felicia and Andy came with us to our Paris church to see where we go every Sunday. They don’t know much French, but many of the people in our church know English. Felicia’s boys had a rough time in the nursery without her, so she stayed downstairs in the nursery with them. There are quite a few Parisians that speak English in our congregation and she had a great time helping watch the kids and chatting. There she met Elizabeth, a Canadian from Ottawa! She, her husband Dave and their 5 month old daughter are here for 3 months while her husband (an engineer) works with one of their partner companies. We  decided it would be fun to meet up again for the organ concert at Notre Dame at 4:30pm.

So, after the service, in which Andy actually took away quite a lot  (he knows a couple of other languages and so was able to piece out the French!) we went to a  nearby park to eat some food and to let the kids play. In between bites the kids ran around playing on the park train set.

Since we planned on walking to Notre Dame from our place (it was a beautiful day and we wanted to show Felicia and Andy a little more of Paris) we didn’t spend too much time walking around the 17th arrondisement where the church is. So, we hopped onto the metro and rode home. We arrived home at 2:00pm or so, just in time for some more coffee and a nap for Norah.

The walk to Notre Dame was great; it took us just under an hour to get there… with a few stops to make sure the kids were doing alright, etc.  It’s starting to look like fall here in Paris, the leaves are just falling to the ground now so there is a light blanket of golden leaves on the sidewalks.  We walked past the Gare de Lyon, across the river, through the Jardin des Plantes and then along the Seine until we reached Notre Dame. And we were only a little tardy to meet Dave and Elizabeth. The concert was great. We didn’t sit down for it, mostly because we had kids with us, but also because it was so beautiful slowly walking around the Church taking in the sites with the great organ playing in the background! It’s a very dark church–apparently the darkest Gothic church in existence–but it is gorgeous! Most of the stained glass is made in deep colours, and when the sun pours through the deep blues are magnificent! If you ever get a chance to go to the Cathedral of Notre Dame, try to go during an organ concert, the music just makes the experience complete!

Soon we were off again on another walk. We went back through our favourite tourist area in Paris –that little street I mentioned before, that was so enchanting– because it was only a few blocks away. Then it was time to head home. We said goodbye to Dave and Elizabeth and started back. We took a similar root as with Richard’s parents a couple of weeks ago, except backwards. By the time we got home our legs and feet were pretty sore, but a good sore. The kind that goes along with accomplishment. It’s fun to walk around Paris, even if you have taken the same route again and again. There’s always something you didn’t see before.


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