Felicia and Andy come to visit!

Felicia and Andy are in Paris! After an over night flight into Amsterdam and then a train ride into Paris, Felicia, Andy and their boys (Seth and Tristen) arrived yesterday afternoon! The boys were exhausted, but Felicia and Andy couldn’t let them sleep if the wanted to sleep through the night (which worked out in the end–they slept through the night!). So after some tea and madelines we headed to the park. Seth was so tired that he kept tripping and swerving as he walked. So daddy (Andy) carried him there. But the little guy was such a trooper, he joined in the fun and hopped into the sandpit with everyone else. Norah is a little nomad and so could not stay in the sandpit–she must explore. Lo and behold, as she surveyed the scene she caught sight of her prey. A young woman was sitting on a bench in the park by herself with some juice! So Norah wondered over there merrily and started playing with an empty juice box on the bench. When her unsuspecting prey leaned over to play with her, Norah dove mouth first for her juicebox and started sucking! She drank so hard that you’d think that she was dying of thirst. The little thief was so cute and determined that the woman just laughed and gave up her bounty with a shrug to Richard. Richard was standing behind Norah, but had only just realized what had happened! So he apologized to her and stole Norah back to the sandpit.


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