A picnic with Chris and Dixie!

On Tuesdays and Thursdays we have started a tradition of going for a picnic dinner at one of the lovely Paris parks…. when it’s not raining that is. So the girls and I pack a dinner together, and are ready to go by the time Richard gets home from the library. Today Chris and Dixie Lane met up with us!

The clouds were grey and threatening rain, but by the time we realized that it wasn’t going to clear up, as the weather channel had promised, it was too late to contact Chris and Dixie to see if they were still going to meet us. So we hopped onto our bikes anyway and headed out, just in case they were there, not wanting to stand them up!

Although there were spatters of rain and the day wasn’t particularly nice, we had a great time. The girls ran around having tonnes of fun, and unfortunately threatening a little too frequently to climb into the fountain! We sat on a bench and enjoyed some dinner of fried rice, baguette, cheese, apples, cookies and wine under some trees. It was also great to catch up with Dixie and Chris and discuss some of the cultural oddities that we have encountered. One in particular: whether you are talking to the cashier from the large chain grocery store or a vendor at the market, they always ask if you have change.  So, if the price is 4.20 euros and you give them a 5 they ask for the 20 cents. If you don’t have it, they look at you like they can’t believe you would stand there and make them count out the change! I have felt like saying to them, “I have a wallet with only this bill in it. You have a cash register full of change. Why is there a problem?” Anyway, it’s fun too, just another little thing that you don’t know quite why everyone does it, but they do.


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