Dimanche le 3 octobre

Today the church we  normally attend is holding a workshop and service outside of Paris. Since it is too far for us and too long a day for the kids, we decided to visit the Eglise Reformé this morning. As soon as we arrived the girls went straight to the little table in the back to colour or read with the other kids. Though they were all welcoming, one little girl (of about 3-4 years) in particular was very concerned about making sure that Sydney and Norah each had a book and even pulled out their chairs for them. A natural hostess and so cute. She and Sydney became instant friends. The best part, they both read and coloured quietly together in the corner. We only had to get up once because of some louder giggling, lol.  It’s fun to watch Sydney interact with kids her own age.

After we biked home for lunch and a nap. We planned to hang around the house for a couple of hours and then head out after Norah’s nap to the Musée D’orsay, to take advantage of free museum day. We left at 4pm hoping to be able to walk around for an hour or so in the museum and then around Paris’s streets for a relaxing finish to the evening. Unfortunately plans didn’t work out quite so well. When we arrived at the museum and set our bikes by a tree to lock up we realized that we had forgotten our keys! Which means that we couldn’t lock our bikes up. Shoot! Unfortunately the ride from our house to the Musée takes about 1/2 an hour, so we had to race back across Paris to get the keys to make it back again in time for last call at the museum (it closes 6pm on Sundays). About half way Richard dropped Norah and I off at a park. I bike a slower than Richard and we wanted to give Norah a chance to get out of the carrier for a bit… and I was getting tired. He kept Sydney with him in the bike seat so she could get him back into the house. There is a little window in our bathroom that’s barred off so that people can’t climb through to get in…. people can’t but Sydneys can! And she is a monkey and loves the mission impossible scene apparently. So she squeezed through the bars and Daddy lowered her down onto the toilet in the bathroom and she climbed down and opened the door for him. They got the keys and raced back to get us.

After all the excitement, we didn’t make it back before last call and the doors were closed for incomers. Although we were quite disappointed as this was our second last free Museum day and we have so many more we want to see, our evening wasn’t completely lost. We were still in a beautiful part of Paris and so decided to continue with the rest of our plan to walk around for a while. It was after all a warm and beautiful evening. So we walked along with cobble stone streets, passing restaurants, churches and all sorts of stores. We passed the old roman bathhouse that is attached to the Musée Nationale du Moyen Age and finally as it started to get dark we found our bikes back and rode home. Our tired little girls had a snack before bed and went to sleep and Richard and I had a quiet evening together with some beer and a movie. A nice end to a mad dash of an evening.


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