Vendredi le 10 septembre – Mom and Dad Oosterhoff come to Paris!

Last minute Mom and Dad decided to come to visit us in Paris! They had friends and family in Holland that they hadn’t seen in years, so they first landed in Amsterdam and spent a few days there and then took the train down to Paris on Friday night. When they arrived we had some dinner and then took the girls out for a walk to the park before bed. Not 3 blocks away from our place, you can find a great kids park and a large grass field (where I have taken the girls a couple of times to run around on). The Promenade Plantée continues through this area and over the field by way of a lovely arching wooden bridge. Sydney just loves running up across it, over and over again… almost more than the park itself. After Sydney and Norah finished screaming through the park, they just love being loud, we walked back home, put them to bed and stayed up chatting for a while.


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