Lundi le 20 septembre

Today is a beautiful, clear, sunny day. I love Paris weather. The girls and I took a walk to pick up a few groceries and then headed to the park. Because the BnF (Biblioteque National Français) doesn’t open until 2pm on Mondays (parisians have weird hours! They are open late on Mondays and not at all on Tuesdays and this is not atypical) Richard is working at home. When he works here, we try to be out of his hair and stay out until lunch time around 1pm. So out we went to the park with my book, a bucket and shovel and Sydney’s trottinette (scooter). I have been reading Harry Potter in French! It has been a great way to practice reading French because there’s almost no complex sentence structure to be found.

Sydney and Norah played nicely in the sand and I stretched out onto a bench to read in the sun. Pretty ideal. And I only had to get up every so often to yell “Non, Non, Non!” take Norah away from what ever toy she had stollen from another kid, or stop Sydney from getting more water for the sandbox.  Sydney is only allowed to get water once… maybe twice, otherwise she gets soaking wet from the faucet and then covered in sand and ends up carrying it all home with her. Also, she doesn’t understand when there is enough water and so the game becomes a giggling fest with the other kids who have now spotted her and are ALL filling up their buckets and dumping water into the sandpit! And little Norah in the midst of it all, as happy as could be, and just as wet.

Soon it was one o’clock, so we gathered all of our things, went down one more slide and walked home.


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