Le 26 août

Last night we had our first Parisian dinner. By that, I don’t mean that we ate French food, but that we ate at 8:30-9pm! We had a couple girls from Richard’s class over for dinner. Jia (and her boyfriend Thierry – pronounced with a more “ch” sound than “th”) and Qian. We spent the whole night speaking French. Jia’s boyfriend is Parisian so he was able to help us with our grammar too! It was a lot of fun. Richard made some great butter chicken and kidney bean dhal and Jia brought a couple of Asian dishes. One with tofu and the other with pork and potatoes. So yummy. I think Richard might like tofu now. Our girls were a little fussy getting to bed with all of the noise. Not that they like going to bed and normally fall asleep once they hit the pillow… but after a little while they fell fast asleep and let us adults chat through the evening.

Qian is actually studying at a university in Michigan for her BA. She is in her second year and is just in Paris right now to study French. So she may come to visit us in South Bend next year sometime. Jia lives here in Paris as she is studying for her Masters at the University of Paris. In the next little while she will be traveling to London, Ontario for a couple of months as part of an internship. Small world.

At the moment the girls are playing nicely together with their lego in the kids area. It’s so nice to see Sydney taking some initiative and keeping herself busy. Usually she just pitches a fit when she’s bored or wants me to play with her. I enjoy reading to her and building boats and whatnot with her, but she rarely lets her own imagination go. Hopefully this happens more often….though Norah is being a little bit of a pest, lol. Norah doesn’t quite understand yet that she is not helping Sydney by throwing lego at her boat or taking pieces off and putting them back on the floor.

Right now the weird lady that lives on a floor above us, is practicing her opera voice again. She isn’t so bad, but it’s funny. It sounds like she sings directly out of her window for everyone to hear.

It’s not a particularly nice day today, it is supposed to rain this afternoon. So I should probably start our day now and get the girls to the park before it’s too wet to go.

We didn’t take any pictures during dinner last night… but here are some random pictures that aren’t attached to any particular event. Really I just want to show you some more pictures of my girls;)


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