Le 21 août

This morning we decided to bike over to the L’Arène de Lutece, an old Roman amphitheatre built at the end of the 1st century, and seems to have been abandoned by the 3rd century. It is located in Paris the 5th, in a very nice area. The arena has been very well maintained and has a lovely flower garden, a “maison des oiseaux” (we are going back this afternoon to see the birds as it doesn’t open until 1:30) and a great playground. The playground is great and even has a climbing area and slide for very young kids too. The girls loved it of course. We took many pictures. After playing in the park for a little bit, we explored the rest of the area. Some great old steps lead up to the amphitheatre stands where on the one side there are now benches for people to sit and read on. Across the arena still stands the old rows of seating. Now on the one side there are apartment buildings built right into the side of the old arena!

Turns out the Maison des Oiseaux doesn’t actually have birds in it. It’s more like a little kids museum with different rooms with activities. The halls are lined with facts and pictures. They have activity rooms throughout to watch bird films, read kids books and do arts and crafts. It’s a neat little setup, but a little too old for Sydney and Norah and a little too young for mom and dad. So we went back to the park to play.


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