Demanche après-medi – Le 8 août

The Promenade Plantee, as I have written a little about before, leads to the Jardin des Plantes which hosts a zoo and a huge greenhouse with jungle plants that reach about 50ft in the air! You can also walk around the garden itself and see many large areas with multiple small plant beds with ponds, flowers and some research exhibits.

As we walked through Sydney found some fish and frogs in a pond (so exciting!) so we spent a while watching them together. Of course Norah wanted to get in the water, so we had to hold her back the whole time. After a little fight, she realized that the reeds were exciting too and so had fun in my lap playing with the grasses while Sydney studied frogs.

We had a great time walking through the Jardin des plantes. Next time (when we have more time) we will be taking Sydney into the zoo. She is pretty excited about that.


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