Vendredi soir. Le 6 août

It was such a beautiful day we decided dinner would be better eaten outside. So after Daddy arrived home from his studies, we packed some potato salad, fruit and juice into the backpack and took off on our bikes for the Bois de Vincennes. This time we followed the perimeter a little farther around and saw a lovely little garden with a playground. So after biking around a little bit more to get a better idea of the area (turns out we were right neat the Parc Floral de Paris – we plan on taking the girls there soon) we rode back to the park to eat. After filling their bellies, the girls wasted no time and ran straight to the park. Norah happily running after Sydney and following her up the ladder. Norah has been waiting a long time for me to let her climb a playground ladder by herself. At the parks near our place she can’t go up by herself because there are many places she can fall off, but this little gym was perfect. There was only the ladder and slide. They also of course, enjoyed playing in the sand. Although the girls get much dirtier playing in the parks around here, we all much prefer the sand over those stupid wood chips that give you splinters at the parks back in North America! I hated those things growing up. Anyway, as the sun started to go down, the girls got a little irritable and the air was getting chili so packed up our sand encrusted girls and made our way back home. I think we will have to spend many more evenings exploring.


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