Le 31 juillet – “Madam, come sit here!”

It’s Saturday today, which means we go to the market with Daddy! Today we took Adam with us. Because, like Richard, he is in class all day Monday through Friday he hasn’t had the chance to visit any of the Paris markets! So since this is his last weekend here (he is here for another 2-3 weeks, but this is his last weekend in paris), he asked if he could come along with us. It’s about a 20 minute walk from here to the market at the Place d’Aligre. We had a great time chatting and seeing the sights of our non-touristy area of Paris. We walked around the flea market too. Since Richard and Adam got carried away talking and pushing the stroller, I took the opportunity to walk around by myself. As I was walking through one of the vendors noticed that I didn’t have the girls with me and nicely asked where were. I haven’t talked to him too often, but he knew who I was. It’s nice to be recognized… though in Paris you don’t usually see someone so young with two kids walking around (most people just have one and are in their 30’s-40’s), so I may be easy to pick out. We were only there for a little bit before it started to rain, so we slowly made our way back. Deciding that since it was a fair walk back and we were going to get wet anyway, we didn’t let it bother us. I do love the rain sometimes. So on our way back through we bought some delicious nectarines and vine-ripe tomatoes and took our time to get home.

We arrived home just in time for a late lunch at 1pm. We had a very American meal: eggs, potatoes and some sausage (Richard had made some stampot –a dutch meal of mashed potatoes, carrots and meat–yesterday for a pot luck in class, so we fried them up along side the eggs for a great lunch!). We got the table ready, Sydney sat down and called to Adam (who she calls Mr. Adam) “Madam, come sit here!” and she patted the seat beside her. We all broke out laughing. Mr. Adams name is now Madam… although he thought it was funny, I doubt he wants it to stick.

On the way to the market, there are an abundance of little computer stores along the way. Since my computer is old and doesn’t have a webcam, we decided to pick one up for my computer so that I can skype. So for 15 euros we bought a little webcam. So this afternoon I got online in time to catch Marie and then Ginger! Ginger and I chatted for quite a while until my computer decided that we didn’t have a good internet connection (it does that every so often… it’s getting alzeimers’) and disconnected us. It took a good 10 minutes to reconnect again. Oh well. I suppose I should have been concentrating on dinner anyway. It was great talking with you Marie and Ginger! Anyone else that wants to say hello can find me on skype under Richard’s name.


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