Le 24 juillet – Not quite the Champs-Elysées, but I finally got to go shopping!

July and January is the time to find sales everywhere in Paris. Apparently Parisians take this time for shopping fairly seriously; taking time off work at the beginning of the sales season to shop! So, since we are here, I thought it would be ignorant of me not to partake of such an event.

Before today, I tried to go a couple of times, though that didn’t work out very well because of Thing one and Thing two. Norah fusses in the stroller, threatening to get out (and doing a very good job) and Sydney runs through the store hiding in the clothes racks (which the French don’t seem to like very much), opening the change room curtains “there you are mommy!” “Haha… yes, here I am…” and then deciding that she needs to go outside and just takes off! Ooooh stuburn child! Neither of my children are able to sit still for a minute.

But my wonderful Richard agreed to come along with me and take care of the kids while I tried things on in the change room, giving his opinion even! He does a pretty good job when I need him to take over this role. If the girls weren’t quite so hard on him it would have been more fun, but like the great guy that he is, he still encouraged me to keep trying things on. So now I have a couple new outfits that I will be wearing around Paris. Maybe you will see one in a picture or two!

I also found a cute little fall hat in aubergine for Sydney. It suits her so well with her blonde curls.



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2 responses to “Le 24 juillet – Not quite the Champs-Elysées, but I finally got to go shopping!

  1. Maria

    it would have been ignorant indeed not to partake in such an event! 🙂 What a wonderful pair you both make! You are a delightful story teller and writer and your blog is absolutely WONDERFUL to read; you must do more writing, Elora! love you!
    (we need to talk on skype! lets set up a time!)

  2. Thank you Maria! Yes, lets make sure to catch each other on skype.

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