Bois de Vincennes

Last night, after an early dinner, we hopped onto our bikes and rode out to the Bois de Vincennes. It is a large wooded area in the east of the 12th arrondissement that used to be a favourite hunting grounds for the Kings of France. It is now public park with trails throughout and many different attractions like the Château de Vincennes, hippodrome, zoo, etc. Unfortunately the zoo is closed for renovations until the 2013! We were really disappointed because Sydney and Norah would have loved it. From the outside it looked like a fantastic zoo too.  I guess we will have to see it next time we are in Paris.  Anyway, we didn’t see any attractions this time. We only biked through a small loup in the trails, stopping by a little stream to let the girls run around and play. Next time we will go farther, maybe take a picnic with us on a Saturday morning so we can see more.



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4 responses to “Bois de Vincennes

  1. Ginger Wallace

    thanks for keeping us posted, it is so easy to imagine life in Paris for you guys 🙂 Peter likes to pray for Sydney often–so don’t worry we aren’t forgetting you! The pics are great, BTW–so fun to see everyone where you live. We are finally getting some cooler weather–only high 80’s today 🙂 But the Zucchini are growing well–and the weeds… Geneva got her first tooth on Sunday and is pulling herself up to the couch–I think–either that or someone stood her up there and left her…hmmm. I guess that’s a possibility…. We are missing you guys!

  2. It’s good to know we haven’t been forgotten yet. Sydney still doesn’t really know what to make of not going home. She misses playing with her friends though. When she talks of Peter, it’s mostly just stating facts: “Peter’s at our other home”. It is hard for her not having other friends here, and no Steve in the basement to play monster with… though Norah is getting better at it, lol. I’m glad to hear all is well over there.
    Missing you too,

  3. Andy&Felicia

    Lets go here in October! I love it!

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