Vendredi le 16 juillet – Aunt Beans and the wild thing

Tonight we had our first Skype conversation! Unfortunately, it didn’t work out very well; we could only get voice! After about a half hour of trying to figure out how to get the webcam to work we decided we would just have to take the loss and have a “regular” conversation sans video. It was so nice to catch up! It was also our first conversation with anyone outside of Paris since we arrived here. So while I chatted with my sister, Richard kept the girls busy playing lego on the floor. It was really cute to watch them altogether. Richard built a jet of some sort, Sydney a wall and Norah stole pieces from both of them and threw them back on the ground. But by 8:30pm I ended up having to hang up because it was past the kids’ bedtime and Sydney was proving with protests how tired she really was. So goodbye to Beans and off to bed for the girls. We sang them their bedtime songs and tucked them in for the night.

Then Richard and I did some paperwork together while we awaited our guests. Andrew Birkhoff, a friend and collegue of Richard’s from Notre Dame is doing some research right now in Geneva. So he and his roommate decided to come visit for the weekend. They ended up arriving pretty late as they missed their first train out from Geneva and so arrived around 11:30pm. Because Yutaro only intended on staying until Saturday evening, he and Andrew decided to go see the Eiffel tower at night. So after being warned about the terrors that may unfold from waking sleeping babies upon their return (the fold out couch is right beside Norah’s pack ‘n play as you can see in the pictures), they headed out for some late night sightseeing. So around 2-3 am (I have no idea what time it really was, I was trying not to be conscious) the guys came into the house like two bachelors might.  They were valiantly quiet–but not as quiet as we parents, who have had the fear instilled in our hearts that makes us silent as ninjas. So, alas, by the time Yutaro and Andrew crawled into their respective “beds” they had made little noise–but enough to wake a monster. To Yutaro’s credit, he took our advice to heart and played dead. However, Norah had already noticed that there was something different going on and would not be fooled by a suspicious looking fellow about 12 inches from her bed, regardless of how still he was. So she roared her terrible roar, gnashed her terrible teeth, rolled her terrible eyes and showed her terrible claws… and so her parents took pitty on poor Yutaro and picked her up out of bed. It didn’t take her too long to get back to sleep, but it was a long night. Especially because babies don’t just sleep in if they are tired; they wake up at the same old time every morning (if not earlier) to the utter dismay of all. And so she and Sydney woke up happily and playfully, waking some tired sleepers from the dead. However, their smiles and flirtations soon won over those whom they had tormented the night before.



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6 responses to “Vendredi le 16 juillet – Aunt Beans and the wild thing

  1. Natasha

    Oh Elora – this cracks me up! Your descriptions are great and we feel like part of it all even across the world.
    Love all the pictures too, keep them coming!

  2. Beans

    That is the most wonderful story I have ever heard. And I’m in it too!

  3. Kate Henreckson

    Haha! “She roared her terrible roar and gnashed her terrible teeth.” That made me happy. 🙂

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