Family in Paris

Today Richard’s cousins Felicia Bergsma and Jocelyn Harink, and their friends Anna and Katrina came by for dinner on their way through Paris! It sounds like they have quite an exciting trip ahead of them. They arrived in Amsterdam a couple of weeks ago, stopped in Paris for a couple of days and are now moving onto Switzerland and Italy. Have fun girls!

It was so nice to meet them all, especially Felicia and Jocelyn, as I had only previously known them through hellos on facebook. Because I haven’t been able to make it out to Alberta yet, there are very few people that I have met on that side of Richard’s family. It was fun to get to know a couple here in Paris of all places 🙂 It truly is amazing how small the world can be.

So, this turned out to be my first successful French/European dinner hosting in Paris! We had porkchops cooked in a butter mustard sauce (the French are so right about cooking. Just cook it in lots of butter and it will always turn out! mmm so tender and yummy), a rice pilaf and bruschetta. That with a glass of wine and some chocolate tart for dessert. We figure that since we are in Paris, we will try to cook something French at least once a week. It will give me a chance to update my recipe book too! Although I am a bit homesick, things like this make our adventure worth it. Good food, friends and an opportunity to better oneself. In this case, I will be bettering my French and my French cooking!


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