Dinner disasters number…. Oh I can’t count anymore. I’m just not the Martha Stewart type.

We had Adam Duker (another student from ND) over for dinner tonight. We had a great time of fellowship over dinner…. well “dinner” was eaten over the course of a few hours. The other day we went to the supermarket and found a very large turkey leg/thigh, so we thought it would work well for dinner with Adam. The only setback had to do with the convection oven we have in our apartment. Having never used one before, I looked online for instructions and how long to cook a turkey for. Apparently meat is supposed to take less time to cook in a convection oven, and it seemed that it was only supposed to take about 45 minutes. So after brining the turkey, I prepared it and put it in the oven. Meanwhile I made a nice salad, potatoes and steamed broccoli. At 6 the oven timer goes off, everything else is ready to eat, and so I take a look in the oven and… the turkey thigh is practically raw! FUDGE. Though you all know me… I try not to get too bothered (and hope my guests don’t either) because this kind of thing happens to me all the time!  So I put it back in and set the timer again. Being a gracious guest, Adam agreed to first eat the salad while we waited for the turkey… and then the potatoes and broccoli…. and still the turkey was not ready. So because we have made a habit of going for a walk with the girls after dinner, we set the timer on the oven yet again (so far the only real benefit of a convection oven is that it turns off when the timer goes off) and left the house to take the girls to the park and show Adam the area a bit.

Returning about 45 minutes later, I took the turkey out of the oven and…. out comes juicy, delicious, fully cooked meat. Yay! So we sat down a last time at the dinner table and ate it with some wine. We then put the kids to bed and took a plate of cheeses and baguette and sat outside to finish the bottle.  Maybe it wasn’t such a disaster after all…though it really makes a difference who your guest is 🙂

Sydney having an adult conversation (I just love the way she was sitting!): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6rYAypun3BY



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2 responses to “Dinner disasters number…. Oh I can’t count anymore. I’m just not the Martha Stewart type.

  1. Maria

    oh no! this makes me laugh having just watched the movie “julie & julia” – I can just picture you leaning into the oven to check out the brined turkey going ‘ohhhh nooo’ in that high pitched julia childs way.. lol! I look forward to sampling your French/Euro cooking when you get back, Elora. You really are an excellent blogger – the perfect combination of interesting stories, good humour and updating! I LOVE reading your blog! Thanks! love to you, Maria

  2. ha ha elora – I’ve done exactly the same. Put the turkey on the table with all the guests and made a slice and bleeding raw! Embarrassed! That’s why it’s good to have friends who can laugh with you!

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