A busy day of rest in Paris

Le 11 juillet, 2010 – dimanche

This Sunday was a very full day! We decided to check out the Eglise Protestante Evangélique des Ternes where Adam had attended the previous week. So away we went, Opa and Oma style, riding our bikes to church across Paris! Just a couple of minutes before we got to the church we passed through the Champs-Élysée and up a rather long incline to one of the major round-abouts in Paris, at the Arc de Triamphe! So gorgeous and really dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing…. we know now how to get around it safely.

It only took us about 45 minutes of motivated biking to get us there, but we got to church on time! It is a nice little church with a keyboard up at the front. There were many friendly young people there and many came up to us to say hello. Which was very nice. The Eglise Reformé that we attended last week had really nice people, but we did have to introduce ourselves for the most part.

After we got back home, we all took well deserved naps… well everyone except for Sydney, but she very patiently played while we slept. This year the World Cup game was being shown on a large screen at the Eiffel Tower. Even though it was late for the girls we thought that we would regret it if we didn’t even try to go. So we had some dinner, packed a picnic and took off for the Tour Eiffel. The metro was packed full of people trying to get there! And of course, like everywhere else in Paris, it didn’t have air-conditioning. Whew, it was hot! After making our way out of the metro station and through the crowds we finally found a spot where we could see about ¾ of the large screen (when standing). After the game started some people in front of us wanted to see better so they got up onto benches and whatever else they could find, almost completely blocking our view. I really wanted to watch the game and Sydney and Norah, to my disgust, was too busy trying to find random bottles and cigarette butts to pick up. So we decided to take the metro with Adam back home to watch the rest of the game from our couch (yay for high-speed internet!). We got back in time to catch the last 15 minutes of the second half and then the over time! We were of course rooting for Pays-Bas, but the better team did win. Holland just didn’t seem to want the ball quite as badly! At the end of the day, we had a great time exploring more of Paris and taking some great pictures.


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