Le 7 juillet

We have had beautiful hot weather here in Paris (25-33 degrees celcius or 80-90 degrees if you’re American), so the girls and I have been going for long walks every morning. This morning we walked to the market at the Place d’Aligre where there is also a small outdoor flea market. Seeing as all Parisian women wear dresses in the summer (none of the tips on what to wear in Paris said anything about dresses!) and me with only one formal dress, I had to check out the market there. We walked around a little and found an area with several tables of clothes. After talking with a very nice Parisian man who doted on Norah and gave me a great price on three items, I then ended up having to haggle with his grumpy boss who was not happy with the price I was given. You know the type (I have worked with so many): he just stands around doing nothing but belittling people and emphasizing that he’s the boss! An unpleasant sort of man. Anyway, he met his match, and so I managed to get two dresses and a little sweater for 10 euros out of him (not as good a price as the other man gave me, but not too far off). I did have to threaten not to buy them, lol. To be fair, he was asking too much for clothes that were piled onto tables out of garbage bags and that you couldn’t try on, lol. I told him that, and he said that I could go to his van to try it on! Apparently they used to do that at the flea market. He didn’t say why they don’t normally do it anymore… but I did have a good laugh at him…. I don’t know how happy he was with me laughing, but I couldn’t help it, it was just so ridiculous. “You can try it on in my van.”. It still makes me laugh.

It’s fun to live as a Parisian. People think that Parisians are rude to Americans. Not true. Sure they don’t like it when you come to their country and don’t even try to speak their language, but really they just express every emotion that they have and if you happen to catch them in a bad mood, well you just aren’t going to get served. So funny. I love it. You just can’t take them too seriously and give a little push back. They respect you for it and if you aren’t being rude yourself, they will not look down on you anymore.

By then the girls were hungry and fussing so we walked back through the food area and grabbed some bananas for our walk back. I had promised Sydney that I would take her to the park so about two blocks before our house we stopped at a little park so the girls to run around before nap time. So nice. We will be making the same trip out again tomorrow. It’s a great walk and one of the only markets open Tuesday through Saturday. Most markets, like the one close to us only open a couple of days a week (Tuesday and Friday here).

I wish that you all were here with us. Going for all these walks and trips to the market are so much fun, but would be so much better with you. We have said it before, but I want to emphasize it again, please come visit if you have the chance! Paris is totally worth it. Missing you.


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  1. Hi Elora – I followed your link on Facebook here. It is so fun to read about your Parisian adventures! I will probably be bugging you for tips on living in Europe with a one year old. Adeline will be about 15 months when we head to Germany next spring.

    I’m loving all the photos! Keep posting. 🙂 How long will you all be in Paris?

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