Le 3 juillet

Our first morning in our new house. Tuesdays and Fridays a farily large market sets up about a block and a half from our house! So much fun. The night before market days a company brings in and sets up all the metal frames for the stands. So in the morning the sellers just have to go and lay out their goods. What a great idea! I think North American cities could really benefit from something like this, especially South Bend! Today we met up with John and Erica McCormack for breakfast and a walk. They’ve been here for several months, and are just heading back to South Bend, where Erica teaches art history and John is finishing up a history PhD at Notre Dame. They let us in on some of their secrets for how to get by cheaply in Paris, and for getting over culture shock. We had a great time with them. Together we picked up some apricots, nectarines and bananas from the market and some pastries from the boulangerie across the street and took the kids to the park. Sydney’s favourite part about being in Paris are all the parks. All throughout Paris you can find very nice enclosed parks with playgrounds. Sydney and Norah love playing on the slides and running all around. The parks are all very well kept and you can always find other kids playing in them. So not to be out of character, earlier today Norah stole another baby’s toy stroller,  hugged a stranger and played in the sand box – life is good isn’t it? Sydney sort of made friends with a little girl…. well she let the little girl follow her around and have a turn on the slide, lol.



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2 responses to “Le 3 juillet

  1. Rachel Legg

    Reading your entries is like curling up with a good book like, “A Year in Provence” or something else with a delicious European palette of words. Please keep it coming, honey!

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