Notre première semaine à Paris #1

First of all, sorry it has taken us so long to contact you all. We only just got WIFI to our apartment!

Our voyage across the ocean turned out mostly as expected. Sydney was great, she watched a movie (Oliver and Company) and fell asleep on the floor for most of the flight. Probably more comfortable than the rest of us J Norah unfortunately also acted as expected, mostly fussing and crying, though it could have been worse. She did sleep for some of the flight and didn’t seem to have been affected by cabin pressure, yay! After what turned out to be a shorter flight from Paris to Dublin than expected (by about 45 minutes, which is a lot with little kids, lol) we slowly made our way through DUB to our gate and waited there with the girls. Here Norah learned that because she is small she can walk right up to people, smile and grab their water bottles or see if they have anything good in their bags. What works even better though, sneak up on someone while they are sleeping, reach into their bag and start organizing it for them, because obviously they don’t know any better and need help (what side of the family is this from, it’s any ones guess…lol). Unfortunately mom and dad were around to spoil all the fun.

The only hitch, our gate was changed while we were waiting to board our flight from Dublin, without notice! Richard, thankfully, started to worry that there weren’t enough people coming in to wait at the gate and went to check the flights status. So, at about 10:15am (with our flight leaving at 11:00am) we threw the girls into the stroller, grabbed all of our stuff and (and about 10 other people) for the second time, though running this time, went back through the airport, through customs, security and the shopping area… (where people were in no rush and didn’t care that you were trying to get through) making it there about 2 minutes before, at last call! The stupid thing is the staff didn’t even know that there was a gate switch! So had Richard not gone to check and the others not followed us, no one waiting at our gate would have made the flight! Looking on the positive side, we got a great workout. I, pushing the two girls in the stroller (one screaming “I want to walk” the whole time and having untied her seatbelt, continually threatening to slink out front of the stroller) with a very heavy carry-on bag and a car seat, and Richard with his backpack of books, computers, etc., and two fat carry-ons. It turned out to be a great flight though. The girls fell asleep almost immediately, Sydney only stayed awake long enough to watch the take off (very exciting!).

Lundi après-midi we arrived at our hotel and carried all of our luggage up to our hot second floor room that we were to stay in for 3 nights. That tiny thing made us very eager to get into our new apartment. We were all jet lagged, so our nights were long as well as our days, but we did enjoy walking around getting to know the area. The best thing about our stay there was on Tuesday morning, we walked out of the hotel to find that right in front of us was a market! Set up over night.



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2 responses to “Notre première semaine à Paris #1

  1. Beans

    I love you and your beautiful family. Wish I was there with you. Maybe soon. Kisses

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